Car Humidifier Essential Aroma Diffuser: Jelly Comb 50ML USB Car Aromatherapy Diffusers Cool Mist Humidifier with Car Charger

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Brand: Jelly Comb


  • 4-IN-1 DESIGN: Car Humidifier + Car Aroma Diffuser + Air Purify + Dual USB Charger
  • 2 OPERATING MODE: Continuous operation and Intermittent operation. Intermittent operation: About 10 seconds spray every 30 seconds
  • MULTI-FUNCTION CAR DIFFUSER: Improve air quality and prevents damage from second hand smoke stale air and allergens
  • 2 UNIQUE INTELLIGENT DESIGN: Quiet Operation and Automatic Shut-off System. No noise during operation and will automatically shut down when the water is low
  • SEPARATION DESIGN: Portable mini humidifier and Car charger use different area perfect for use in bedroom, office, work, car, hotel, tent

Publisher: Jelly Comb

Details: Specifications:
Rated working voltage: 12V-24V
Limit working voltage: 9V-26V
USB maximum output: 5V/2.1A+5V/1A
Working current: 150MA-180MA
Power: 0.9W-1.2W
Spray Amount: 20-30ml/hour
Water container capacity: 50ml

Package Content:
1 × Humidifier
1 × Dual Car charger
1 × User Manual

1. This product has auto power-off protection function. After using for 1 hour, it will turn off automatically. If you wish you keep using, please refill the ingredients and press the touch button again.
2. This product is suggested to use distilled water or pure water for humidifier. If the spray shrinks, use a sponge stick(dipped into water with small amount of white vinegar) to press on the hole lightly and spin around 5-10times.
3. Before changing water, shutdown the humidifier can increase the service life.
4. Please change daily water and regular disinfection for humidifier.

1. Do not switch to diffuser mode when the water bank is empty.
2. Working temperature of this product is 0~45℃.
3. Keep away from children and babies.
4. Unplug and remove all liquid and place in a dry area when not use.



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